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Jupiter will bring marriage for those who are still looking for marriage. The period will be good for progeny prospects too.

The period might be such that your expenditure might arise be it related to health or any other area.You should avoid lending money in the social or financial circle. You should avoid investing money in speculation or in any risky instruments.

You might get higher authority, recognition, power, and prestige, and might get good increment. Some of you might start a partnership business. The period will be good to enhance your knowledge base and lack prospects will be brighter.

This period will be good for professional life however, some health problems for your mother might come. Avoid investing in shares or in speculative instruments else you can go into losses. This transition will be good, especially for those who are in the banking, finance, management, law, or teaching line.

This period will increase your luck prospects for you. This time is good for education, study and relationship can get activated to. Your past investments might give you good returns.

You have to take better care of your mothers health and try to control your speech. Drive and walk carefully. A period where there is a need to handle your family and marital life on a much more cautious note.

In married life, they can be arguments that have to be controlled and try to solve all issues mutually. Health issues or loan problems can increase.

You have to take better care of the child, investments, and control your speech. With your harder efforts, your professional life will be better and a change of role or new job might be waiting. You have to avoid investing in speculation or investing in risky instruments.

Your savings, money, and wealth will multiply for you. They can be property gains and you will get and give help to your mother. Your child will be happy.

Take care of your mothers health. Some overseas events are possible for some of you who are aiming for a long time.

You might give some financial help to siblings or get help from your siblings. You need to be careful while signing any kind of documents. They might be religious trips. A business partnership might get activated or marriage can be there.

You will get monetary gains. You might be investing money in the projects. You will get better promotion and income from your professional life.